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Ensuring Little Smiles- A Guide to enjoy Indian Weddings with kids

Indian weddings are joyous celebrations filled with vibrant hues, rich traditions, and beautiful ceremonies. However, attending these beautiful ceremonies with your little ones requires careful planning to ensure their safety and happiness.

Here are some suggestions to help parents enjoy wedding season with kids.

Klingaru_WeddingImage with two young boys in indian attire


Making sure their tummies are full

The beauty of Indian weddings is incomparable from anything. While you are attending a wedding with your kids it is important to make sure that they get their meals on time. Usually kids love the different options on offer but it is always better to be prepared. So always carry some handy snack options to offer in between the wedding celebrations. This will make a huge difference in their mood as full tummy means happy baby.


Arrange Nap Times 

The long hours of Indian weddings can get super exhausting specially for kids. It might be a good idea to establish nap intervals for them in between the tiring activities to prevent crankiness or excessive fatigue. Either you can take your baby to a designated place for some while. Half of their fatigue will fly away after seeing you and that will brighten up their mood.

Elderly supervision

Indian weddings are full of people, kids might have stranger anxiety. It is a good idea to create a close circle of people responsible for the child. It might grandparents, bua, mausi, mama etc.  so that the child is not left unattended at any point of time.  Or a dedicated hired help to keep an eye on the kids. This allows parents to participate in the wedding ceremonies while making sure your kids are in safe hands.

little baby happily playing in mother's arms


Ensure Safety

Make sure the children remain away from dangerous items such as sharp ornamental, broken glass pieces, electric equipment, and fireworks. Additionally make sure they are not left alone and should not go anywhere without an approved caregiver.

Safe Play Zones

If there is a wedding coming up in your family, you might think about creating designated play zones for kids with appropriate toys and games. To ensures that your children are at a safe place and enjoy themselves.

Klingaru_WeddingImage with two young kids in indian attire

 Comfortable Attires

Considering the long hours of an Indian wedding and multiple ceremonies, dress the kids in comfortable, weather appropriate clothing. Avoid heavy fabrics that might irritate their sensitive skin and go for light cotton wear.

If you are struggling to find comfortable cotton wear which is also wedding appropriate, you can check out our wide range of Festive Clothing.

Hope this little guide is helpful and you enjoy the your family weddings this season.


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