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About Klingaru Baby Carriers

Long wait for 9 months, sleepless nights, uncomfortable routines and triumphing over the fear with labor, nature’s most painful infliction on women; all is worth it when you hold your bundle of joy for the first time. The inseparable part of your soul needs immense care, tender touch and cuddling warmth all the time while feeding, to sleep peacefully or feel joyous while playing or hugging you. Choosing a baby wearing accessory is a tough call for the new parents as well, with so many option available online. Therefore, Klingaru Baby Carriers have been curated keeping in mind the needs of new parents.

Klingaru Baby Carriers are for all little ones who love to Cling onto their very own Kangaroos (as the name signifies). Babywearing has been proven to be beneficial for both parents and the babies. It enables parents do a lot of regular chores which might be difficult while caring for the baby constantly. On the other hand, it helps baby’s development, keeps them happy as they are closer to caregivers, helps in maintaining breastfeeding relationship and the list is endless.

Ways To Carry In Klingaru Baby Carriers:-

A front carrier consists of two shoulder straps that support a fabric seat. The carrier – and therefore your baby – is worn very close to your chest. At first, your newborn will face inward, toward you.

Front Carrying Instructions – Klingaru Baby Carriers

Once your baby has good head control and can sit up, usually around 5 to 6 months, you can turn him outward to look at the world. Some front carriers can also be worn on your back, which will be more comfortable for you when your child’s heavier – and will give your child a great view.

A front-carrier is most suitable after 5-6 months, therefore it may feel too big and bulky for your newborn sometimes.

Klingaru SSCs:-

Most carriers only have a few color options, but the Klingaru has endless prints and patterns and offers many of them at an economical price — making them a bit of a status symbol among some moms. Made of 100% cotton, these can be used for a front and back carry, but only with the child facing the parent. Check out: https://www.klingaru.com/product/klingaru-carrier-midnight-garden/

Their Free-to-Grow model eliminates the need for an infant insert and has weight limits of 4 to 15 kgs., so it’s a good option if you want to use one carrier for the long haul. A hood keeps baby’s head supported during naptime, as well as protects them from the sun and wind. What’s more: it can help you go incognito while breastfeeding.

New prints are introduced all the time, so you’re bound to find something to suit your personality. If you’re okay with your baby getting the option to parent-face and want something super easy to use, this might be the choice for you.

What to look for when buying

Sometimes, using a carrier comes naturally. Sometimes it takes practice. Remembering these ABC’s can help you achieve a safe and satisfying fit for you and your child.

  • A: Airway
  • B: Body Positioning
  • C: Comfort

Airway – Ensure baby’s airway stays open by keeping chin off chest, and allow fresh air to circulate around baby’s face. Keep child close enough to kiss and in view at all times.

Body Positioning – The carrier should support baby in a way that is appropriate to his/her level of neck and trunk control and prevents slumping, ideally with babies knees higher than bum and weight borne by thighs and bottom

Comfort – The carrier should be comfortable for you and your baby.  Klingaru Carriers lets them hold their little ones in a natural carry position and let them enjoy hands free parenting.

 Other Features in a Carrier

Easy to use: You’ll need to be able to take it on and off and get your baby in and out without help. Some structured carriers are designed to unbuckle easily so you can move your sleeping baby into a crib or stroller without waking him, just like Klingaru’s.

Weather-appropriate: Some carriers may be too warm for the dog days of summer. Darker colors really heat up. If you’ll be carrying your baby in hot weather, choose one that’s made of lighter fabric.

Easy to clean: Kids are messy, so it helps to have a machine-washable carrier. All Klingaru Carriers are machine-washable.

Cost: Klingaru Baby Carriers are for those parents who have been looking for a budget friendly yet being completely safe and stylish, ergonomic baby carrier. These are for Rs. 3150 each, comes in beautiful and trendy prints.

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