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Handmade Baby Clothing – A New Era

We, at Klingaru focus on bringing the curative and quirky designs catering the needs of new age parents. Our approach is redefining simplicity with an Indian twist.

We aspire sustainability, hence we bring to you handmade designs. Klingaru uses natural materials and traditional craftsmanship and emphasizes on sourcing elements locally with fair pricing. This choice makes our products (baby clothing- kurta, dresses, shirts, jackets, baby carriers and more) comfortable, beautiful and unique, in and out. Visit www.klingaru.com for our exclusive collection.

Handmade products have its own charm and the prints are custom made. It has its own benefits as:-

·         Traditional touch

·         Unique

·         Creates job , benefits local craftsman and businesses

·         Environment friendly

·         Trendy

Hand-crafted products have brought revolutionary change in India as consumers have now begun to understand its importance, from clothing to furniture- people love to buy them all. These products are more genuine because of the labor and time spent in making them.

Handmade products are usually available at specialty shops or local stores in specific geographical area which has its specific reach. However, Klingaru being an online store, has huge customer reach and ships worldwide. Klingaru offers Baby Carriers too. www.klingaru.com/product-category/carriers/

Handmade itself translates to quality (at affordable prices), and a whole lot of love! By choosing handmade products you support a true artist that loves what he does. You can be a proud parent, knowing that you are supporting small businesses. We want you to standout from the crowd and feel handmade!



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